Learn To Evolve With Technology

One of the things we hear almost daily these days – and by “we” I mean those of us in our 20s and even younger – is that we are “stuck” on our phones, “addicted” to social media, “disconnected” from the world, and so on. Now, the accusations have weight to them because personally, I DO believe we are turning to technology far more often than we turn to ourselves. But, after coming to accept the fact that technology is ever evolving and only becoming more of an integral part of our society, shouldn’t we find a way to make it work in our benefit? Continue reading

Why Everyone Needs an Editor

We often think of a copy editor as an old experienced former writer, sitting alone in an office with piles of papers to read through. These editors tend to be paired with the words “uptight”, “grouchy”, ”mean” and even “heartless.” But why do they exist? Well… was my comma use in the previous sentence correct? Will the rest of this blog post go on without any errors? We all need a net, and that means that we all need an editor. Continue reading